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Statement of faith

1. God
There is one God, who exists and may be known in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is perfect in righteousness, holiness, wisdom, goodness, justice and love. He is the Creator of all things.

2. The Bible
God has revealed Himself and His purposes in the Bible. As originally given, it is His inerrant Word, true in fact and doctrine.

3. The human race
There is only one human race, descended from Adam and Eve who were created in the image of God, physically and morally perfect. Due their sin, that image was corrupted in them and all their descendants. Consequently, all humanity is in need of salvation, without which they live under the just condemnation of God.

4. The Lord Jesus Christ
In Christ, God lives in the person of His Son as a man. He is therefore fully God and fully man. He is the only Saviour. He died on the cross so that our sins might be forgiven and was raised from the dead so that all who follow Him might be empowered to live a new life, and one that is pleasing to God. One day He will return to the earth and restore it to its original, perfect form, to be enjoyed eternally by His people in paradise.

5. Salvation
Salvation cannot be earned. It is the gift of God, received by all who repent of their sin and put their faith in Christ.

6. The Holy Spirit
God’s Holy Spirit dwells in all believers, imparting spiritual life, working His holiness in them, and empowering them to serve God and preach the Gospel.

7. The final judgement
At the end of the world, Christ will raise the dead and judge all people. Those who have done wrong and refused to repent will be receive eternal punishment. Those who turned to Christ and received His salvation will receive eternal life.